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On receiving instructions to carry out investigation and surveillance on a subject, SPOTLIGHT firstly carry out extensive, targeted and ethical OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) enquiries. The results of such enquiries are subsequently included in the investigation and surveillance report to the client, together with any relevant photographic, video and eye-witness surveillance evidence.

For more information on OSINT, refer to:

from our library.

Claimants frequently provide untruthful, incomplete, inaccurate and misleading information to Insurance companies to “throw the dogs off the scent” such as stating a different address (e.g. parents) from where they actually reside, and “going dark” by closing down personal social media platforms prior to the hearing of a case.

The value of OSINT searches cannot be understated. OSINT enquiries enable SPOTLIGHT to establish where the subject is actually residing or may be working, leading to quicker, better-informed, useful and successful investigation and surveillance.

SPOTLIGHT’s Senior Management Team (David Ryan, Sean Ryan and Martin Ryan) and Jamie Valentine (Senior Case Manager) are all trained and certified OSINT Operatives.

The value of OSINT to an investigation and surveillance is ably demonstrated by a recent case that went to Court and SPOTLIGHT were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome for the Defendants and Insurers.

Crucial video and photographic evidence obtained by SPOTLIGHT proved essential in securing the dismissal of not just one, but two separate personal injury claims, brought by a serving Garda (Police) officer.

After three days of evidence in Cork High Court, the Claimant withdrew both claims, following the video evidence being shown by SPOTLIGHT in court and her cross-examination.

SPOTLIGHT was instructed by Dublin Solicitors in the defence of a claim that the Claimant was assaulted at a concert in Croke Park in 2019 whilst off-duty. Evidence obtained by SPOTLIGHT included OSINT, social media information and competition/events posts and footage. The Claimant had closed down her personal social media accounts some time prior to the hearing but information and evidence obtained by SPOTLIGHT from other OSINT sources proved vital in establishing her current address and movements, including oversees and, indeed, winning a tournament just days prior to the hearing.

Evidence shown by SPOTLIGHT in Court included footage of significant heavy gym weight workouts. There was also evidence of successful body-building competitions, coaching and working at the gym. The Claimant had been off work for four years.

The evidence contradicted and undermined the Claimant’s evidence about the extent and effect of her injuries and her claims for substantial general damages and loss of earnings. The Claimant disclosed in Court that she had already received compensation following a criminal case against her assailant.

The work and evidence obtained by SPOTLIGHT was highly commended by both sets of defence Barristers and Solicitors in the two cases.

The successful case outcome once again showcases the value of a tenacious legal team working closely with dedicated and experienced investigators, and not bending to any pressure to settle the case.

The Solicitors and Loss Adjusters provided SPOTLIGHT with the necessary authority and means to pursue extensive investigations over a protracted period, thereby ensuring, as far as possible, that justice was served, the Insured was exonerated and a substantial saving in potential damages.

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