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SPOTLIGHT undertakes specific Claimant Investigation/Desktop Profiling in its own right as a “stand-alone” service, without the usual full investigation and surveillance services, by carrying out extensive, targeted and ethical OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) enquiries, using OSD (Open Source Data).

For more information on OSINT and OSD, refer to:

from our library.

SPOTLIGHT’s Senior Management Team (David Ryan, Sean Ryan and Martin Ryan) and Jamie Valentine (Senior Case Manager) are all trained and certified OSINT operatives.

On-line Investigation and profiling is used across a range of industries, corporations, sectors, and professions (legal, financial, insurance etc.) in respect of individuals and organisations, for a vast number of reasons.

Such enquiries can reveal information and data relating to:

· An individual’s actual location/whereabouts (often different to what they have stated)

· Place of work/employment

· Movement

· Activities

· Relationships, colleagues, families

Take the Insurance industry for example. The losses insurance companies incur through investigating and compensating fraudsters are colossal, and firms are consequently being forced to raise insurance rates for all clients and devote a vast amount of time to the verification of claims, resulting in significant losses across the entire industry. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new and sophisticated online fraud practices and significantly boosted the amount of fraudulent claims in the insurance industry over recent years.

Claimant Investigation, Desktop Profiling and OSINT is inexpensive and can lead to more extensive enquiries, investigation and surveillance if necessary. It can also lead to a decision that more extensive and expensive enquiries, investigation and surveillance ARE NOT required.

Either way, it is invariably the case that the work undertaken by SPOTLIGHT results in substantial savings to insurers, defendants and insurance clients generally.

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